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 We at Historic Window Works of Georgia professionally renovate antique, historic windows and every part or material associated with them. It is our goal that you the homeowner fall in love with your old window components because of function, beauty, and accurate historic preservation.  


We Care About the Details

Windows built in 1940 and before were designed for maintenance and perpetual life, unlike new, replacement units. Original components that have lasted 100 years can be repaired, re-glazed, repainted and made ready for the next 100 years, look beautiful, and really perform too.


They're Not Making These Any Longer


We advocate for the best renovation protocols as put forth by WPSC, Window Preservation Standards Collaborative.  We understand the level of durability required in a final historical product and we actively seek that particular quality.


A Different View

  Either plain or ornate, windows built before 1940 tolerate the worst weather and abuse.  But when cared for properly your home stands out very well. 


Feel Comfortable

We provide weatherization products that greatly limit drafts. 


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